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Dr. Hill and his entire staff are wonderful. Everyone is super friendly. Brittany gave me a tour of the entire facility. It is very modern with all of the latest dental technology and equipment. Dr. Hill is extremely professional and very nice. -Susan

Long story short: Dr. Chumbley, Ms. Debbie, Ms. Mary, and Dental Assistants, Hygienists and all others in there staff are great. I was hurting bad ,I fell like they went out of there way way to help me on that first day i showed up, now days that is very rare. Thanks. -David

I love them. They’re the best dentist I have been to. The staff is excellent, and they’re very flexible. -Vicki

Staff was very friendly and helpful. Office was impressive, tastefully decorated, professional, and immaculate.The dentist was very friendly, competent and willing to explain all procedures and answer truthfully all questions. Although I went to my regular dentist for the final work, they provided me with the additional information that I needed to make an informed decision in regards to my long term dental treatment. -Alan

Dental care was excellent; they were on top of all my dental issues and developed a care plan for me, going forward. They praised me for having taken good care at home of my dental hygiene. t.As a new customer, I received a free mouth cancer screening. Staff friendliness was superior. I left there just loving my teeth and feeling great that I found such an excellent dental practice. -Stephanie

It had been 20 years since I’d seen a dentist. Let’s just say the Army had not done a stellar job on the work they had performed and I was quit apprehensive about having any more work done. First off, the building is top notch. Very comforting. The staff is extremely nice and seem to genuinely like being there. The wait was next to nothing. Dr Chumbley’s assistant explained everything that was going to happen and made me feel at ease. I was really impressed with the Dr. Chumbley and the use of modern technology. It’s pretty neat being able to see exactly what he is talking about as he explains it to you. I ended up needing some work done. Some fillings had to be replaced and a few cavities taken care of. Dr Chumbley did an outstanding job. He repaired a tooth that I chipped many years ago and never did anything about. Can’t even tell anything was wrong. I was most impressed with a phone call I received from the Dr to see how the new filling were doing. Not an assistant or the admin but from the Dr himself. I’m extremely pleased I found this dentist. All of the staff is excellent. -Raymond

He is very kind, patient, and he is extremely generous. I would highly recommend him to other members. -Patsy

I went to him because a previous dentists had a done a bad job on a double crown and I was in extreme pain. I went in to see him and he promised that he could help me and relieve the pain that day. Since then I have continued seeing him for routine visits. -Joseph

Simply Brilliant!! I would highly recommend Dr Chumbley and The Hill Dental Group. Since my first appointment, I’ve had a number of follow up visits and I can truly say they are consistently brilliant!

The front office staff show their experience by their professionalism and very amaible demeanours. Not at all ‘over-the-top’ overly friendly, just sincere warmth and kindness that can be felt and not faked. I received follow up calls to remind me of my appointments and the paperwork was more than reasonable (only 2 forms)! There were no unnecessary documentation or information requested as we found with other providers in the past. -Juliana

The best dentist that I have ever been treated by. -Wendy

Dr. Hill is the best in the Houston area. His background/studies are extensive. He always tells and shows you want is going on and what potentially is a problem. Asks you how you wish to proceed. He is really good and personable. They are always on time. The staff is wonderful. You know all of them personally. They are really great. -Paul

Everyone in our family goes here for dental care. He is not the cheapest dentist in town, but he is excellent, and he really cares about what he does. He’s a perfectionist. He refers you to someone else if he doesn’t do what you need done. Also, the quality of dental hygienists has been really great throughout the years. He also helped me with my TMJ a few years ago. -Pam

I had a cavity and needed a filling. Dr. Hill and his assistant numbed me up and did the filling that day. It was painless and quick! Great job! -Heather

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