What Our Patients Have to Say. . .

Dear Dr. Hill and Staff, I came to your office with much uncertainty about the future of my front teeth and smile. You all welcomed me like family, were extremely kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. Dr. Hill – you used your great talent and gave me perfect new teeth! I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. I finally love my smile again! - Sincerely, Alicia

Dr. Hill, Just a note to thank you again for your outstanding work installing my 4 veneers. As one of your very long-time patients, you are absolutely the only dentist that I would have allowed to do this critical work on me at this time.

You are a true “perfectionist,” and I have always admired this trait in you. You are the most talented and ethical dentist that I have ever met in my 64 years! I am absolutely thrilled with my outcome on this project.
Personal regards, -John S.

I had been using a CPAP with good results for a year and a half, but did not care for traveling with it. Also, turning at night, while tethered to this machine was waking me a bit. Sleeping on my stomach was awkward, too.

Fortunately, the dental appliance Hill Dental has for sleep apnea solved these situations for me. After about six weeks, I was fully adjusted to the change. This device has stopped me grinding, too. Now, because of my sound sleep, I have more energy than I’ve had in decades.

Thanks to Dr. Chumbley and his wonderful staff for taking such good care of me! -Jeanne

Dear Dr. Hill, I would guess that you don’t often receive a “thank you” note for performing a root canal, but here it is anyway! I want to thank you for taking me in promptly; for your skill; and for your professionalism. You took me out of a tremendous amount of very intense pain. Thank you so much! - Shep

There are no words that can truly express our gratitude for what you have done for Kelly. You have helped erase the horrors of the last few months! She looks like my Kelly again and I am forever grateful. – Sincerely, Mark

Dear Friends, As we go through life, all types of people cross our path. Some who pass are soon forgotten while there are others who find a permanent place in our hearts forever. Each of you will always share a place in my heart, for you also enhance the quality of life through friendship. – Thank you, for you, Jane Shell

Dr. Hill, You are an artist and I am so excited every time I look in the mirror! – Love, Rita

Dear Dr. Hill, Thank you for such great care, your gentle method of extracting my tooth was so appreciated. I got myself all nerved up over nothing. Your “Angel” assistants are so nice and comforting. You are surely blessed with such wonderful assistants. I just love you all. The follow up call was so nice. – Thanks again, Neelye Lockhart

Dr. Hill and Staff, We have sincere appreciation for you being so incredibly kind, and for restoring Jason’s smile! – The Saunders

Dr. Hill, Surprise! After thirty-five years I moved back home. Thanks to you and all the staff for the excellent care and kindness I have received over the years, I doubt I’ll ever find a dentist that compares. The hardest part is leaving old friends behind. – Thanks, Raye Bullock

Dear Dr. Hill, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the beautiful job you did on restoring my “little teeth”! Thanks too, for always making me feel comfortable when I am there. Sherry and Mary are great and I appreciate their help too. I feel very confident about my smile thanks to your expertise, which is unequaled. – Warm regards to all, June

In one day Dr. Hill changed my misaligned teeth into a beautiful, healthy smile, without orthodontia. This new technology is truly a blessing! I could not be happier! – Beth Kleinman

I am a long time patient of Dr. Hill’s and have received the best of care for my dental needs. His office staff is friendly and dedicated to the needs of their patients. It is comforting to know that Dr. Hill will not compromise the care of his patients. He truly gives the quality work and time that one deserves. He’s the best. – Sincerely, Teresa Lucario

After many years searching for a dentist who could repair a dental implant (molar #30), I had the good fortune of being referred to Dr. Hill. My 14 year old implant had become loose and the post snapped. Every dentist I had seen for the past 5 years acknowledged the tooth was unstable and thought I needed a bone graft or surgery. My general dentist referred me to Dr. Hill. With the information given by the dentist in San Antonio who performed the original surgery and with the history / current x-rays provided by my general dentist, Dr. Hill was able to locate replacement parts. He painlessly removed the broken part, fitted the new post and adjusted the tooth… in less than 3 hours, no bone graft, only minor gum surgery was needed. I recommend Dr. Hill for anyone who needs dental implant placement or repair. I was amazed that he was able to restore my tooth in just one visit without having seen me previously. I am truly delighted with the care I received. – Amazed, delighted and very grateful, Karen Watkins